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| ever since i was little nature and me were one i guess |


i remember collecting or making myself fine detailed things,
picking violets at the neighbours,
making little roses from clay,
catching ladybugs and writing a poem for my first goldfisch's burial;
just the exploration how all of this little magic could be created, made me wonder..
where most people would look up,
i was mostly looking down in the search for the unnoticed.
just curious giving it the chance to be admired.. and still i can enjoy myself doing it;
wandering how something so perfect can unfold from a tiny little seed...

fascinated by the uniqueness of nature
i translate it's subtle purity and transience into my poetic stories;
little details, never cursing color combinations,
forms, patterns and lines of the everyday growing in which i can lose myself day by day
.. sending their message to be noticed...
i get inspired by the pure and simple technique in which she unfolds slowly to the world;
full of elegance and subtlety it carries me to my dreamworld filled with love for everything
that gives me a feeling of warmth and gratitude, as a reflection of myself.
capturing it's refined beauty i love making 'jewels of nature' with that sense of emotion.
still i'm exploring life,
embracing the imperfect....
in the search for that next little special 'thing'.


| that's why i always think little, giving it time to grow |